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Having a bad hair day? For God’s sake! Not today!? There they are, staring right back at you . . . your luscious locks look not-so-luscious, to say the least. You know you don’t have the time to go through the whole shampooing and blow-drying routine. Now you’re thinking this is going to be the worst day ever (pardon the exaggeration) and already have an excuse ready – my hair has a mind of its own! 

Well, if you have experienced this, then high five girls! Welcome to the ‘We all have Bad Hair Days Club’.

How to manage a bad hair day?

Here are some tips that don’t involve hiding out from your colleague and friends. They are so awesome that they might change the whole melody to good hair days. 

  1. Use dry shampoo

Well, if you don’t own this product, you should get it right away because it is a life-saver. It’s exactly what the name suggests – it’s essentially a shampoo, but one that you can dry-spray over your hair and you don’t need to rinse out. Spray lightly on the roots when lifting your hair and let sit a minute or two before brushing it out. It soaks up the excess oils from your scalp and also gives your hair an instant volume. Your hair will look fresh and you won’t have to think twice before running it over to tame flyways.

Consider getting a Pilgrim Sulfate Free Shampoo. This shampoo has three key ingredients – White Lotus, Argan Oil, and Camellia. With this, you will strengthen your hair, nourish the roots, and repair the damaged strands.

  1. Tie them in a ponytail 

Who doesn’t love ponytails? They look cute and take less than a few minutes. But, if you are thwarted with bumps, then apply heat or wet it out. You can also use the trick called double ponytail if you are running out of time. Gather the back section into a ponytail and secure with elastic, repeat the same with the front section. This trick will take away any unwanted attention from your bad hair. 

  1. Braid them down

Accept it – they looked great on Katniss Everdeen and you know they look great on you. Braids actually look better in dirty hair and they infact hold better, you can play with so many different variations as well. Finish with a glossing spray encompassed with tight braids. Also, if you’re feeling a little trendy, go in for the side braid – it’s a red carpet look and it is super easy to do!

  1. Bun them up

Just that – bun it up! Buns always look better with greasy hair because there will be no fly-aways and works best when it is already a frizzy mess. In fact, the best part about buns is that the messier they are, the better they look. Hairagami is also a wonderful way to get a classy bun. Tease it out, swirl it around, and there you have!! 

  1. Leave-in conditioner

Another great product is the leave-in conditioner. Hair that has not been washed for a day or two will only tend to get worse as the day progresses – oilier and frizzier. This problem is very common in the winter, you can use a leave-in conditioner to manage bad hair so that your hair stays soft and manageable throughout the day. The best bet to prevent frizz is to put the product in it before it dries. 

  1. Accessorize

There are so many ways in which you can take the focus away from your hair! The best is to just hide it – wear a cap, hat, bandana, or scarf (if you can) to just not let the world know of your hair miseries. But if you can’t for some reason, embrace accessories such as fancy pins, clips, hairbands, or elastic bands. Use a couple of bobby pins, twist it in a cross design and hide it under your hair. 

  1. Change your parting

If you don’t want to distress yourself with any of the above-mentioned exertions, then you can combat your bad hair day with this simple trick. You can simply change your parting if you usually part your hair on one side. The other side will have more volume or a better shape to strengthen your hair. You can also try the upside-down hair flip to give it a healthy look. 

  1. Serum

Get yourself a good serum for unforeseen bad hair days. Dryness and frizz can easily be tamed with serum. The Pilgrim Argan Oil Hair serum is a quick fix for frizzy and dull hair. It will detangle your most difficult knots and give extra boost and conditioning to your hair.

The best way to avoid bad hair days is to know your hair type. If you have oily hair, you should use products accordingly and the same goes for dry hair. Hair loss, an itchy, and dry scalp deserve a doctor’s attention. Visit a trichologist to determine the cause. He will examine your hair and scalp to diagnose your disorder.

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Thoughtfully crafted with natures’ best, to bring you the most loving yet thorough care. White Lotus, Argan oil, and Camellia work together to soothe the scalp, strengthen the hair, repair the damaged strands and fights dandruff.

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