skin pore generating habits

As teenagers, many of us had skin pore generating habits like popping pimples, often without realizing what we were actually doing to our skin. Pores can be really annoying and embarrassing for both men and women. The skin of the face is more sensitive than the body. So, even the most innocent daily activity can cause unwanted breakouts. 

What are the bad habits that lead to clogged pores?

The pores clogged with dead skin cells and sebum can develop into pimples. Here are 9 habits that might be clogging your pores. If you have any of these habits, change it immediately, and let your skin breathe.

  1.   Not washing your face at night

It is hard to think about your skin when you are exhausted. Not washing your face at night can have some severe consequences. Washing your face not only removes makeup but the dirt and dust that your face accumulated throughout the day.

 Use Pilgrim Volcanic Lava Ash Face Wash to clean your face every day. It will clean your skin and calm it down while ensuring that the protective barrier of the skin is not sloughed off.

  1.   Not exfoliating

Dead skin cells that are present on our skin are one of the main reasons behind clogged pores. You don’t need to exfoliate daily, but to get rid of the outer dead layer of the skin, it is important to exfoliate once or twice a week. Use a gentle face scrub to exfoliate your skin. 

  1.   Not taking a bath after a workout

Working out does not cause breakouts, but all that sweat after a workout gets mixed with dirt and sits on your skin. The bacteria on the skin start to proliferate because of all the perspiration left behind. This causes rashes and breakouts.

  1.   Touching your face

Many people have the habit of touching their face too often. By constantly touching your face, you are transferring the many allergens, oils, and bacteria from your hands to your skin, which can clog pores. Dermatologist recommends keeping your hands off your face as much as possible or better use sanitizer before touching your face to prevent the breakouts.

  1.   Talking on the phone

If you spend a lot of time on your phone and worry about your acne as well, then your phone is to be blamed. Phones are indeed filthy collecting bacteria, oil, and makeup and can transfer dirt and bacteria on your face. Wipe your phone every day or better use headphones to talk. 

  1.   Not washing your bed sheets

If you are one of the people who don’t mind sleeping on dirty pillowcases and bed sheets, your skin might be facing some tough times. Bed sheets and pillows can easily harbor an accumulation of dirt and oil, transferring that all to your skin at night, leading to clogged pores.  

  1.   Sleeping with Makeup on

Makeup resting on your face covers the skin and does not give it any room to breathe, which means allowing pollutants, oil, and makeup to settle into your pores while you sleep. It coats your skin and leads to clogging of the pores. So, before going to bed, get rid of all the makeup residue. Also, avoid using expired makeup products. It is a good practice to use Pilgrim Vitamin C Night Serum before going to sleep. This is a non-greasy formula for fighting off premature aging and environmental damage.

  1.   Not washing makeup brushes

Washing your face is the basic step in getting rid of the clogged pores and washing your brushes is the second. Not cleaning your makeup brushes can lead to bacteria build-up. This causes irritation of the skin and breakouts as bacteria continue to grow on your skin.

  1.   Tanning

People think that tanned skin looks better and helps with the clogged pores. In reality, it is one of the reasons for clogged pores. During Sun tanning, the skin tissues get damaged. So, sun tanning actually leads to more clogged pores. The pores become larger and saggier.

You can try some topical creams containing natural ingredients. Remember to always use non-comedogenic moisturizing cream and sunscreen before going out.

Volcanic Lava Ash Face Wash with Yugdugu & White Lotus

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